get your creep on

Maybe it's the spring air making me giddy, maybe it's the fact that it falls on a Saturday, maybe it's the news that ACMI is hosting a Tim Burton exhibition next year – whatever it is, I am beside myself with excitement about the imminent arrival of the year's spookiest day. In honour of this ghoulish celebration, I have pulled out my most nightmare-inducing images in order to further incite my enthusiasm.

I had absolutely no intention of producing what became the above image; it was taken in the city with the aim of capturing a lovely building. Instead, I got these marvellously ominous silhouetted trees combined with ghostly lampposts and a brooding sky. In some kind of perfect coincidence, a light leak burned the number 13 into the image.

Oh, if only I could say I orchestrated the whole thing!

Why are barren trees so foreboding? I find this image eerily beautiful. Again, an unintentional but definitely welcome effect.

If anything's going to produce nightmares, it's the thought of Laird's ghost watching over you... Actually, I think this is a wonderfully successful multiple exposure. But it's still creepy!

Melbourne has some fantastic macabre-themed events going on this Spooky Saturday (my personal recommendation being the wonderfully morbid Graveyard Train, plus others, at Old Bar), and I for one am keenly anticipating the opportunity to celebrate all things dark and gruesome... Or perhaps it's just a great excuse to party.

Happy Hallowe'en!

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