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I love Melbourne. And I don't mean the vast sprawling suburbia that constitutes this great metropolis of ours (though I do love that too) - I mean the very heart of the city. One of my favourite things to do while wandering the various streets and laneways is to glance skyward and take in the beauty of some of our old (and new) buildings from street level. For example: the GPO building on the corner of Bourke and Elizabeth Streets.

I think everybody should do this more often.


  1. These are by far my favourite, not only because of how they come out but also for the concept of them. I also think people should do this more often because there are wonders up there that we fail to notice, generally looking straight ahead or down at our feet.

    I'm not annonymous, I'm Sasha :)

  2. great! I spelt anonymous wrong... what a loser

  3. Yeah, you are a loser! And you don't have to appear as 'anonymous' - I think you can use your google id. I may be wrong though.

    You're not a loser. Thank you for your kind comments. And for the smiley face, even though that kind of also makes you a loser...


  4. I like being anonymous.

    This way nobody knows who I am.

    - Sasha