(more) money for rope

It's been a while since I've posted here I know. I've been working on a whole lot of stuff, including a pretty mammoth post about my obsession with film. But seeing as that is evidently taking its sweet time to come together, I thought I should just give you some photos to look at.

It's no secret that Money for Rope are one of my favourite bands. And I don't just mean one of my favourite Melbourne bands - I mean one of my favourites in general, anywhere. It's also no secret that I love Saskwatch. So when the two bands announced a tour together it was a given that I would be there with my camera. God knows I've taken enough photos of Saskwatch, though, so I just shot MFR - though Saskwatch still manage to make their presence felt via the bass drum.

Last time I shot a MFR live show I did so in black and white, which turned out great. I think the black and white really suits the music - rough grain for the dirty garage soul rock. But variety is always a good thing, so I shot them this time in colour. The lighting was great and, let's face it, their performance always makes for awesome images, so I don't feel that colour was a bad move.

Their lead singer, Jules, has been in a chair for a while with some kind of rockstar injury (!), but bloody hell he owned that primary-school-chair-and-moonboot combo harder than I thought possible. So fun to watch. (I heard that he fell off the chair later on during the set - and continued to rock it horizontally - but I had put away the camera and moved to the back to hear it better. Damn.)

So here you go - some cool photos of a ridiculously amazing band. See you at the Northcote Social Club in May? Yeah I will.