me vs the toilet floor (and a contemplation of change)

There are two reasons for this photo selection, which I would usually avoid seeing as it's obviously not entirely my composition: I previously alluded to the fact that I would post more toilet floor double exposures and the others are quite unflattering of my friends (who I don't wish to upset); and I am using this entry to convey some of my ideas about where endless bags of dirty laundry is heading, so it's a bit more personal and reflective than usual.

The red flash gives this image a more subtle floor effect than the white flash I have used in the past, which means it isn't as striking as previous attempts, but also means that I show up in both the black and white squares (as opposed to only black). The photo is pretty dynamic, too, thanks in equal parts to my ridiculous expression and the second-exposure photographer Ms Lenton's decision to turn the camera on an angle. Thanks Annie!

But really, there is a more pressing reason for this blog entry. I'd like to spend a little bit of time writing about myself, my ongoing adventures in photography, and also about the blog that you are reading.

OK - a confession. I have strayed from the lomo family. In a big way. I recently purchased a second-hand film SLR and have subsequently spent quite a lot of my photo-taking time with the giant machine that is the Nikon F4. Which is not to say that the Holga has been entirely neglected; I picked up two new rolls today. But it does mean that the plastic-camera output has been and will continue to be reduced.

OK - another confession. I recently acquired an iPhone and have been enthusiastically (and critically) exploring the infinite number of photo applications available. I am shielding my face in anticipation of all the proverbial backlash I am expecting - Not only is it digital, but it's a PHONE camera! I hear you cry. However, so many applications attempt to replicate the plastic camera/analogue aesthetic - some better than others - and I am fascinated by the range of results I can get. I mean, just how good can iPhone photos be? Could you replicate (or even improve) lomo photos? Given the relative costs of both methods it is a question worth considering.

I still love my Holga, but my photography interests have expanded. I want to document them, and I want to record my ongoing exploration in a public forum. The obvious question is, Can or should I post non-lomo photos on this blog? It's a tough one to answer, because I can think of very good reasons on both sides. For example, the idea of breaking the beautiful square-photo layout of the blog is a bit devastating for a pedant like me. On the other hand, if I started a new blog for my SLR (and even a few iPhoto) images, I wouldn't be able to update either blog as regularly as I'd like.

To be honest, I'm leaning towards morphing endless bags of dirty laundry into a multi-format photo blog. But I want to know what you think. Do you strongly oppose? Support? Do you even care?

Please, tell me, whoever you are. I care more than you think.


don't you think?

The ironic photo is often as cringe-inducing as the song this blog post takes its title from, which is why I don't often attempt to capture irony through the lens. But on my visit to Bondi, I couldn't resist! At the risk of sounding like I belong on a certain other Sydney beach, this image is just so Australian.

No wonder Bondi Rescue never runs out of material.


la paloma

Reason #1 this photo is flawed: there is light leaking in from the right hand side.

I know what you're thinking - Just photoshop it out! But let it be known that all the photos on this blog are unadultered, except to reduce the excess brightness that my cheap scanner introduces. The light isn't that bad. Just distracting.

Reason #2 this photo is flawed: the subject lacks definition.

Perhaps it would be nice if we could see his face a little better.

Reason #1 this photo is beautiful: the fabulous typography. Backwards.

Isn't that typography just a dream? Classic and superb. Its inversion makes it that much more interesting to look at.

Reason #2 this photo is beautiful: the wonderfully decrepit paint on the outer wall.

Every aspect of the cafe's exterior design recalls images of traditional (European?) towns and buildings. The great thing about the wall is that it is actually just old and peeling, rather than made to look old and peeling. It feels very authentic.

Reason #3 this photo is beautiful: taka. Looking unsettlingly calm.

Why is he just standing there? Even though I know the answer to this (which is: I asked him to), looking at him in here makes me question it every time. I don't know how he manages to look so completely disinterested in the act of being photographed, but he does it brilliantly. This makes him the perfect subject because he is wholly unfazed by the prospect of being observed - by me/the camera or by any passers-by.

Reason #1 La Paloma is worthy of documentation: its charming, understated aesthetic.

See above.

Reason #2 La Paloma is worthy of documentation: it's on my street.

And my street's great.

Reason #3 La Paloma is worthy of documentation: CHURROS.

Hands down, the absolute best churros I have ever tasted. None of this chocolate dip business, either - the long piped donuts are fried to perfection and smeared with a generous helping of rich, super-sweet condensed-milk-style caramel. Then covered in sugar. You'll never set foot in those blasphemous San Churro brothels again.