la paloma

Reason #1 this photo is flawed: there is light leaking in from the right hand side.

I know what you're thinking - Just photoshop it out! But let it be known that all the photos on this blog are unadultered, except to reduce the excess brightness that my cheap scanner introduces. The light isn't that bad. Just distracting.

Reason #2 this photo is flawed: the subject lacks definition.

Perhaps it would be nice if we could see his face a little better.

Reason #1 this photo is beautiful: the fabulous typography. Backwards.

Isn't that typography just a dream? Classic and superb. Its inversion makes it that much more interesting to look at.

Reason #2 this photo is beautiful: the wonderfully decrepit paint on the outer wall.

Every aspect of the cafe's exterior design recalls images of traditional (European?) towns and buildings. The great thing about the wall is that it is actually just old and peeling, rather than made to look old and peeling. It feels very authentic.

Reason #3 this photo is beautiful: taka. Looking unsettlingly calm.

Why is he just standing there? Even though I know the answer to this (which is: I asked him to), looking at him in here makes me question it every time. I don't know how he manages to look so completely disinterested in the act of being photographed, but he does it brilliantly. This makes him the perfect subject because he is wholly unfazed by the prospect of being observed - by me/the camera or by any passers-by.

Reason #1 La Paloma is worthy of documentation: its charming, understated aesthetic.

See above.

Reason #2 La Paloma is worthy of documentation: it's on my street.

And my street's great.

Reason #3 La Paloma is worthy of documentation: CHURROS.

Hands down, the absolute best churros I have ever tasted. None of this chocolate dip business, either - the long piped donuts are fried to perfection and smeared with a generous helping of rich, super-sweet condensed-milk-style caramel. Then covered in sugar. You'll never set foot in those blasphemous San Churro brothels again.

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  1. dawn and i both tried san churro for the first time before the fed square screening on friday and we weren't very impressed. i'll have to try these ones with you soon.

    it's so true about taka- so calm and natural always...either that, or raging like an add kid without his ritalin. but the former is much nicer to think about here