farewell, winter

As Melbournians look ahead to a sunny week of low-30s and high-20s, it seems the time has come to pull the Havaianas out of the cupboard, wash the summer blanket that will replace the heavy winter doona, and drag the fan down from the garage shelves. (At least, this is what I have done today.) The days are longer, the nights warmer and the people generally happier at the reassurance that summer is knocking. Admittedly, this photo was taken in winter, but I'm posting it because with its beautiful beach, clear sky and vibrant colours (red and yellow being synonymous with those lovely lifesavers), I can't find an image of mine that better captures the Australian summer.

After seeing how brilliantly this slide film enhanced the colours of the beach, I thought, wow, I should take more slide photos at the beach. This was before I found out how vastly different the various slide films are, so the result is not at all what I had in mind. See for yourself:

As is often the case with my photos, upon seeing this for the first time my initial reaction was shock and disappointment at its distance from the imagined outcome. But, like other such photos, it has grown on me and I like it for what it is.

(But I still like the other one more.)

In any case, Hello summer! It's good to see you again.

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