portrait of the week: ghostly cousins

I didn't mean to expose the film multiple times, but with all the flurry of shooting my cousin's wedding I completely forgot to wind on! An oversight, to be sure, but lomo cameras are designed to yield such accidental oddities.

It's not one of my most successful multiple exposures, but the thing I really like about the layers is Holly's calm face between the two dancing girls. Aside from the double image, the bright green and brilliant blue are, as always, irresistible.

As the summer well and truly says goodbye, I lament the fact that it passed without a single picnic in the gardens or trip to the beach. Its demise has caught me, like many others, completely unawares. However, perhaps it is a good thing, if only because the shock of its impending departure forced me to shoot a slide roll while the sun was still shining at the weekend. Unless it all goes disastrously, expect to see some newborn images here soon.

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