drug house?

Isn't that what shoes over the wire is supposed to mean? I quite often see shoes flung over the wires on our street. Either this means that we live in a particularly active narcotics area (quite possible), or we have a lot of bored neighbours with too many shoes.

Either way, I have no complaints. Because the result gives me a regularly shoe-filled view when I crane my neck skywards, which never fails to charm me.

I didn't have high (zing!) hopes for this shot but it actually turned out nicely. I particularly like: the amount of blue sky; the fact that the shoes are so well centred within that blue space; the classic detail on the house directly below; and, most of all, the placement and pattern of the wires across the sky. Why are there so many wires in a quiet residential street?! Wait - I'm asking too many questions again. It doesn't matter whether this quaint house hosts a veritable drug lab or not. It doesn't matter why there are eight wires in such a small space. What matters is that it all came together on a wonderfully clear, sunny day to give me what you see here.

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