colour and shape or: how i learned to stop worrying and love the plastic

While I am still unhappy about the poor standard of my latest rolls, there will be no actual smashing of plastic. Here is one of the (very few) images I got back that I am fond of. It took me a long time to work out what is pictured in the photo, and when I did figure it out I realised that it actually doesn't matter.

I took this because I was at an event and wanted to get some photographic evidence. But there is nothing in this image that can be obviously linked to the event - which leads me to the question, Why only take photos at noteworthy moments? I have taken many photos of ordinary things at ordinary moments in the past, but lately I have only been exercising the cameras during outings of some description - day trips, gigs, visits. And perhaps this is more of the same problem; as I lamented in my last post, these cameras are not always capable of standard photographic fare. I should stop expecting them to be, and instead allow them to capture strange combinations of striking hues and unpredictable patterns such as those displayed above. I have to accept that the cameras operate with a certain level of autonomy.

Possibly, this resurrected philosophy will prevent any future post-Michaels mini-meltdowns. Possibly.

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