meredith haze

For those who have been, and even some of those who haven't, the Meredith Music Festival (and its sister, Golden Plains) is instantly recognisable in photos due to several of the Amphitheatre's iconic features that pop up in happy snaps all over the place twice each year. The hill, the Pink Flamingo bar, the dead painted tree (which I'm sure has been given some kind of name other than that sad and sorry description), the ferris wheel, the stage. Even the crowd - a mixed bag of young trendsters and old rockers and everything in between, sometimes thrusting their shoes skyward - is somehow almost distinguishable from many other festivals.

These things pop up in my photos, too, and I think that their presence makes any other descriptive properties unnecessary. This means I can take marvellously unclear photos like these, and they still very strongly convey a specific time and place.

I'm not going to write any more because, well, if I'm honest with you, I'm very tired and anything I write now will be a bit sub-par. But I want to share the photos. So here they are.

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