hot, split and faded

I went to Adelaide recently to shoot a wedding for my lovely friends Craig and Sarah. But these are not those photos. Rather, these are photos from the day after the wedding. Me and my girls had a little time before our flight back to Melbourne, and it was pretty hot, so I asked Adelaide native Megan to take me down to her local beach, as I had never been to a beach in South Australia's capital. Even though I was suffering with complete camera fatigue after shooting twelve hours the previous day, I just couldn't resist taking one of my cameras to capture one of my favourite experimental photography landscapes.

These photos present an interesting combination: my new plastic camera (which I introduced here) and an expired film. Not only are the images overlaid, but in a more subtle departure from 'regular' colour photos, they are quite faded. From what I can tell, one of the most common effects of expired film is desaturation. I think it works quite well in these images - especially in the top one, where the decidedly daggy and old-fashioned fabric that constitutes a makeshift tent adds to that evocation of an era gone by.

The other thing that stands out to me about these images - particularly the two immediately above this text - is the seamless transition between the two layers. It's especially effective in the bottom one, which is why I included it even though there is an unseemly black mark in the top corner (my fault).

The two exposures in these ones are a little more obvious. It's a different effect to those with more subtle transitions, but I find both styles interesting and beautiful. In the bottom photo here I particularly like the fact that there are two very distinct images, but they are closely related; you can look at one at a time, then see the whole 'picture', so to speak - walking along the beach eating ice-creams while scores of others enjoy the sand.

Hahahahahahaha! This is not subtle nor necessarily beautiful in the conventional sense, but it is hilarious. I got very excited when I saw a giant shark statue at a holiday apartment complex near the beach, and I decided to create my own tribute to Jaws. I don't usually go for jokey images but this is pretty priceless. Look out, young couple on the beach! Jaws is after you!

They aren't as important as the wedding photos from the day before, but I sure am glad that I took out the camera one last time to capture the Adelaide beach. And Jaws.

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