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I realised after going through my Darwin photos that I really, really love taking portraits and then exposing some kind of flora over the top. This is probably my favourite of those I took up North, partly because it looks so unusual. I also love it because you can very clearly see Mum in the foreground, but Maydia and Dad are just as visible in the background. Apart from the road, that's about all you can see - those three figures among this really strange palm-like greenery.

This one is perhaps less successful, but I still think it's great - particularly the position of Dad in relation to Maydia.

Oh I love this one! There's something about Maydia and outdoor, sunny double exposures (remember?); perhaps bright skies and colourful flowers suit her disposition. So pretty.

The gorgeous pink flowers overwhelming this photo evoke romantic, wistful hot summer or early autumn days. All things good. That Mum and Maydia are immersed in the goodness just enhances it.

Despite my repetition with this technique (flora portraits!), I don't find the results boring (yet) and I certainly think my interest in it will continue - especially now that spring has arrived in Victoria and there are so many heartwarming blooms around the town.

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