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I was in Darwin for over a week, and I was rarely without a camera or two, so I have a lot of images from the trip. Many of them don't fit into any particular event or theme; they are simply individual photos that capture an isolated part of the holiday, or the place, or something altogether more arbitrary.

Ordinarily, I wouldn't be that interested in capturing a lone flower in such a straightforward way, but the way these vines were randomly blossoming on these otherwise barren branches was really special. And when the afternoon sun hit them just right, I couldn't not take a photo. The muted tones of this image contrasted with the illuminated orange of the flower are quite gorgeous, and the depth of field really enhances the ethereality of the light.

I was completely taken by the boardwalk at Cullen Bay - something about the colour of the water against the grey wood and chains. This particular shot grabs my attention because my mum isn't facing the camera, which is unusual and lovely, and while the rule of thumb for portraits like this is to decentre the subject to make it more dynamic, breaking that rule makes it much more interesting to me in this instance - probably because there is no face to turn it into a standard 'boring' portrait.

I know this seems like a rather silly photo, but I find it irresistible - the hermit crabs are so tiny and cute! This little guy was scurrying away, and I had to shoot quickly before he left the frame completely. There is a lot of blank sand here, and I can't decide whether that makes it horribly ordinary or excellent in its simplicity.

The colours. The colours! Beautiful, artificial pool-blue, bold spandex aqua-green, sun-kissed tan. Relaxing, relaxing, relaxing...

...did I mention relaxing? The water, the sunset, the stubbies. So Australian. And very much Darwin. What a wonderful place.

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