It is a truth universally acknowledged that Brodie Lancaster is going to do incredible things with her life. This assured, intelligent bright young thing is calmly ambitious with the talent to match. Accordingly, I don't think anyone was really surprised when, at just 21 years old, Brodie announced she was packing up and moving to the mecca of bright young things everywhere, New York City.

We may not have been surprised, but that doesn't mean we weren't sad. See, Brodie only came to Melbourne a few years ago, but in that time she came to mean a lot of things to a lot of people. People like Lucy, Roberta and Patsy.

When Brodie announced a lovely dinner and drinks to say goodbye to her Melbourne family, I felt that it would be fitting to document the night with portraits of her with some of her closest friends.

The above three images are just gorgeous: the first because the close-up framing of those two beautiful faces is so intimate and subsequently quite moving, and because Brodie looks the epitome of bittersweet while Lucy looks so overwhelmingly happy to be receiving Brodie's embrace; the second because while Roberta is animatedly distressed to be losing her dear friend, Brodie looks simply stunning; and the third because to me that wonderful profile shot embodies Brodie's pride, dignity and bravery.

It's not often that I post a large number of photos from the same event; I usually select the most interesting or successful or representative images so that my posts have a focus on quality rather than volume. However, I think this case presents an exception. For one, as a narrative of an evening and as a connected series of portraits, the shots stand together as one quite strongly. Likewise, the volume is necessary to really communicate just how much this girl is loved - witness how happy everyone is to be part of this special farewell (or how sad they are to be losing Brodie).

While the group shots are nice, it's really the portraits of just two people that I prefer. It's more intimate, and there seems to be a better dynamic because it's just one relationship that is being expressed. And I think there are some pretty great relationships being expressed in these shots. (Not to mention one hell of a fierce coat.)

Before I finish with some of my favourite portraits (and no doubt some of Brodie's favourite relationships), I have a few more things to say to Ms Lancaster. You know this already, Brodie, but I love that I know you, I love that you inspire me, and I love you. So do all of the people in this post. Like them, I'm going to miss having you around. But by living up to your enormous potential, you're giving us all something to look up to. You're going to set the world on fire, and we're all going to be here, waiting for you to return to us, and telling everyone that we knew you way back when, when you were our wonderful friend in a fabulous coat.

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  1. Dude! This is fucking lovely! I hardly know Brodie but I suddenly feel sad that she's leaving. Sniff :(