portrait of the week: ben and imogen

Both of my SLR cameras have half-finished films in them at the moment, and I haven't taken the lomo cameras out for a while for various reasons. At times like this, with no fresh content coming in, it is easy to lose inspiration for these posts. My solution is to introduce 'portrait of the week'. It won't appear every week - just in those weeks that nothing else is standing out to me. This solves my problem because a) I have a lot of interesting portraits so there is no shortage of content, b) I don't necessarily need to write a lot because it's just one photo, and c) I will stop feeling guilty for neglecting my blog.

This week's portrait is of the endearingly dysfunctional couple (who will tell me they are not dysfunctional at all) Ben and Imogen. I was trying to take a photo of the camera-shy Imogen when Ben interrupted and made her laugh. It's a really cute interaction between the two of them, and I think that it is clear that the moment is between them even though they are both looking at the camera.

I'm sure I will develop new films soon and rediscover all that enthusiasm. In the meantime, this lovely portrait will hopefully suffice.

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