After the countless rolls of film I developed from my cousin's wedding, I had quite forgotten about the lone shot I took on my Holga that day, which remained out of mind until I finally finished the film and picked up the prints last week. In the same way that the black and white Holga beach shots from Queensland enchanted me, I think the classic beauty of this image is divine. Sure, it's a little out of focus and that black shading over the bottom right corner is distracting, but its imperfection undoubtedly contributes to its charm.

It is certainly one of the loveliest things about film that one can occasionally be rewarded with such long-forgotten gems.


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    Keep up the Good Work!


  2. hi greta - love the photo, just beautiful. i've been trying to work with the holga - so far rather unsuccessful. arghh!
    cheers from shana

  3. I like this a lot. (I feel like I post that comment a lot.)